Coodlie Park
is proud to be a sustainable
eco-tourism business

We are 100% carbon neutral, Eco Tourism Australia Accredited, and Climate Action Certified as a Climate Change Innovator.

“Environmental sustainability is deeply engrained into our culture. For us, it’s a way of life. My wife Jo and I have been planting trees on our property for the last 18 years, long before it became fashionable to use it as a business ethic. We are wholeheartedly committed to the preservation of our natural environment for generations to come. We are conscious of the impact our businesses have on the environment and in 2001 developed an Environmental Program which has seen us become the only company in Australia that offsets its carbon footprint internally.”

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Some of our environmental practices include

  • Native seed collection – seeds are collected from our property, prepared and then direct seeded back onto the property. On our property in 2016 we direct seeded 500 acres of native trees and bushland

  • Plant 1.2 hectares of native vegetation on our property each year with one third of the property being set aside for environmental rehabilitation

  • We spend over $10,000 annually on our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint

  • In addition we contribute $15,000 annually with in-kind labour

  • We have invested $40,000 in rainwater tanks and plumbing over the past 10 years

  • We pay a premium for all of our ‘green energy’ electricity produced from renewable sources

  • We are a certified WWOOF farm for volunteer workers

  • We have extensive knowledge on native plants and animals, Indigenous culture and eco-tourism and will share this with our guests

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Using green energy

As part of our normal operations, we made a conscious decision to use green energy that has already had its carbon emissions offset. The property is reliant on its own water supply, collecting all rain water from buildings, cabins and outhouses. Where possible, water that has been used in the shower, sink and washing machines is reused on garden beds on the property.

Recycling forms a large part of our commitment to the environment with all cans, bottles, glasses and tins being collected and recycled. We have also used mainly recycled timber and other reclaimed materials to build facilities around the property such as the old oyster timbers from the local oyster farms, which add a rustic charm.

To ensure compliance and consistency between what we say and what we do, our company is audited annually by Canopy Australia to set the targets for the following year. In most seasons, we are able to achieve a positive carbon footprint balance.

Many travellers over the years have stopped in as volunteer workers and immersed themselves in a real Aussie farm experience and done some hard yakka to give something back to the planet. Check out Christine’s blog which gives you a great idea of what to expect!



Coodlie Park is a wonderful place to visit for a number of reasons. Hassie and Jo (who have looked after this land and run a tourism business out of it) are people you want to meet in life. They are full of energy, fun to be around and very giving people who have a passion for Eyre Peninsula. Coodlie Park was once a successful farming property but it is rapidly changing into a great place for visitors to stay with the ever improving accommodation options as well as the extensive environmental improvement that is being undertaken via exclusion of stock, revegetation, environmental weed and pest control.


— Andrew Freeman, WildEyre – Project Manager

Department for Environment, Water & Natural Resources