Travelling South Australia to Perth

Experience Perth

As the most isolated city in the world, you can bet yourself that Perth has been built in such a way that makes it impossible for visitors to leave regardless of its solitude. Perth is truly beautiful, the city itself is relatively new; however, it is packed with culture and has the most incredible beaches in the whole of Australia. This is where relaxation, lifestyle and sun blissed weather combines itself in one incredible package which can otherwise be known as Perth city.

Port Kenny to Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. It is located in an idyllic area right by the water’s edge. With its beautiful beaches, dream like islands, green parks and flower filled gardens it is a truly amazing city. Perth is becoming a very popular city, with many bars, restaurants and vibrant suburbs. The sparkling swan river runs passed the city and is perfect for a day’s boat trip or sailing lesson. A must see spot about around 20 minutes from the main city is the seaside town of Freemantle, famous for its markets, great coffee, quirky boutiques and a lively music.

There is no better way to travel from South Australia to Perth with a stop off in outback Eyre Peninsula Accommodation

21 h 39 min (2,089.3 km) via National Highway 1 and National Highway 94

21 h 39 min (2,089.3 km) via National Highway 1 and National Highway 94

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