Travel From Port Kenny to Adelaide

Experience Adelaide

Whether you want to head straight to the beach or for the rolling hills, right on Adelaide’s front door you’ll discover miles of magnificent coast, white sandy beaches and stunning green gardens. You can have the best of both worlds, with nights in this lively and buzzing city and enjoying the urban lifestyle, then 20 minutes away you could be discovering wonderful landscapes and vineyards. Tasting beautiful wines and meeting the locals. Adelaide is a much smaller city in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne but has a lot of charm, it is also a great place to explore by bike, and the city even hires out bikes free of charge.

Port Kenny, South Australia

Adelaide is one of the big cities in Australia and although it may now pack the same size as some of the others, it makes up for it in so many other areas. If you’re a food lover like me, no trip to any city is complete without a trip to a food market; Adelaide Central Market. Instead you may wish to try out the endless list of restaurants or even enjoy the nightlife in some of Adelaide’s bars and clubs. Being so close to the coast you can also check out some of the nearby beaches such as Glenelg, Brighton, Henley, Semaphore and Port Noarlonga. Adelaide never fails to keep you entertained or short of things to do.

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7 h 2 min (647.8 km) via National Highway A1

7 h 2 min (647.8 km) via National Highway A1

Anna Heaton