National Parks in South Australia

Experience Gawler Ranges National Park

Gawlers Ranges National Park is a true Aussie experience, with vast open expanses of red rock and bush land you will feel a million miles from anything. The perfect spot for travellers wishing to get amongst the old Australia and enjoy a real, raw and natural landscape. From beautiful walks, geography and history there is so much to see and learn. Meet and spend time with the local aboriginal people and become entranced.


Port Kenny to The Gawler Ranges National Park

The Gawler Ranges National Park is an exceptional place where travellers, history, wildlife, conservation and Aboriginal culture join together. Named as a national park in 2002, the landscape is abundant with wildlife as well as rare and threatened plants; animals such as the yellow-footed rock-wallaby roam here peacefully. The park is most known for the impressive Organ Pipes, shaped over 1500 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity. The park is the most brilliant spot to pitch up and sit around to truly appreciate and take in its remote tranquillity, a night under the stars is a must when in Gawler Ranges National Park. So be sure to check out out Eyre Peninsula Accommodation!

3 h 22 min (151.5 km) via Port Kenny Rd

3 h 22 min (151.5 km) via Port Kenny Rd

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