Fishing Spots in South Australia - Nearby Coodlie Park

Camping in Eyre Peninsula would not be complete without a good stint of fishing. Although Coodlie Park is far outback and perhaps closer to "Bush Camping Eyre Peninsula but there are still great fishing spot in South Australia nearby Coodlie Park.

  • Waterloo bay (south Point) also known as the wellington point this area is characterised by its rocky sea cut ledge into relatively shallow waters. Best fished with the wind behind you and using a float to stay off the reef base. You need to be steady on your feet and careful fishing from this area.


  • Main Beach (boat ramp to jetty) one of the most popular family beaches in the district, on a hot summer’s day you will find plenty of cars and kids along this stretch of sand


  • If there is accessibility by boat, Kangaroo Island is one of the most popular fishing destinations of South Australia to catch squid, leather jackets and many more.


  • Whyalla, Eyre Peninsula, a bit further around the point you will find this fishing location known for catching the “big red” which is also known as snapper. Don’t forget to wait for snapper season to open, also check size and boat limits

Anna Heaton