Coodlie Park - School Group Campfire Songs

One of the greatest things about camping is joining in on school group campfire songs. It is often a highlight for the kids and allows us "oldies" to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

If you are interested in Camping Eyre Peninsula or looking to bring your school group on an outback adventure; you can't miss out this campfire song from your experience!

Bound for South Australia


In South Australia I was born--



Heave away! haul away!



South Australia round Cape Horn,



Bound for South Australia.



Heave away you ruler kings-- Heave away, haul away,

Heave away, you'll hear me sing, Bound for South Australia.


There's one thing there that grieves my mind-- Heave away, haul away

It's leaving Nancy Blair behind. Bound for South Australia


I'll tell you the truth and tell you no lie-- Heave away, haul away

I'll love that girl till the day I die. Bound for South Australia


As I was walloping around Cape Horn-- Heave away, haul away

I'd wished to God, I'd never been born. Bound for South Australia


And now I'm on a foreign strand-- Heave away, haul away

With a bottle of whisky in my hand. Bound for South Australia


I'll drink one glass to the foreign shore-- Heave away, haul away

And another to the girl that I adore. Bound for South Australia


Fare thee well, and fare thee well-- Heave away, haul away

And sweet news to my girl I'll tell. Bound for South Australia

Coodlie Park School Group Accommodation South Australia often attracts school groups embarking on activity and team building excursions. Here at Coodlie Park, we often sing to the top of our lungs for some serious Eyre Peninsula Camping.


Anna Heaton