Coodlie Park Campfire Songs

All outback camping lovers also have a passion for a good-old sing along around the campfire. Here is one of the Coodlie Park Campfire Songs we can't stop singing!

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Coodlie Park Campfire Songs

With My Swag All On My Shoulder *


When first I left old Ireland's shore,

The yarns that I was told,

Of how folks in Australia

Could dig up lumps of gold,

How gold dust lay in all the streets

And the miner's right was free.

Hurrah, says I, my loving friends

That's just the place for me.



With my swag all on my shoulder, Black billy in my hand,

I'll travel the bush of Australia, Like a true-born native man.

And then we came to Melbourne town, We all prepared to slip,

All bar the captain and the mate All the crew abandoned ship,

And all the girls of Melbourne town Threw up their hands with joy,

Sayin' one unto the other, Here comes my Irish boy.


We made our way to Geelong town,

And north-west to Ballarat,

Where some of us grew mighty thin,

And some grew sleek and fat.

Some tried their luck at Bendigo

And some at Fiery Creek

I made my fortune in a day,

And blew it in a week.


For many a long year I have travelled round

To each new field about.

I have made and spent full many a pound,

Till the alluvial petered out,

And now for any job of work

I am prepared to try

But now I've found the tucker track

I'll stay here till I die.

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Anna Heaton