Coodlie Park Campfire Songs

There are no campfires without campfire songs. They are great for the kids to get excited and burn off some energy and even greater for the adults to remember what it was like to be a kid.

Coodlie Park Campfire Songs

Botany Bay

Farewell to Old England forever,

Farewell to my old pals as well,

Farewell to the well-known Old Bailey,

Where I once used to look such a swell.



Singin too-ral, li-oo-ral, li-ad-di-ty,

Singing too-rai, li-oo-ral, li-ay

Singin too-ral, li-oo-ral, li-ad-di-ty,

For we're bound for Botany Bay.


There's the captain as is our commander,

There's the bosun and all the ship's crew,

There's the first and the second class passengers,

Knows what we poor convicts go through.



'Taint leaving Old England we cares about,

'Taint 'cos we misspells wot we knows,

But because all we light finger'd gentry,

Hops around with a log on our toes.



Oh! had I the wings of a turtle-dove,

I'd soar on my pinions so high,

Slap bang to the arms of my Polly love,

And in her sweet arms I'd die.



Now all my young Dookie's and Duchesses,

Take warning from what I've to say,

Mind all is your own as you touchesses,

Or you'll join us in Botany Bay.

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Anna Heaton