Best Towns In The Eyre Peninsula - Port Augusta

Experience Port Augusta

Port Augusta is the perfect town for a day or night of city living. Enjoy walking around the towns shops and cafes and be sure not to miss the beautiful sunset over the hilly landscapes whilst enjoying a good meal and evening drinks. Another lovely way to experience this riverside city is to rent bikes and cycle - a great option to see more on your short stay.

Port Kenny to Port Augusta

Port Augusta or the ‘Crossroads of Australia’ as commonly called is the Gateway to the Flinders Ranges, outback and Spencer Gulf. Port Augusta is located on the gentle waterways at the end of the Spencer Gulf. Just a small distance from the amazing Flinders Ranges, it is a brilliant area for a day or nights stop off. Over to the west of the area are a range of hills that years ago pinpointed the territory of the Nukunu Aboriginal tribe. Port Augusta is now a more modern city and provides great conveniences and facilities, if you are hoping to stay the night or nearby one of the best towns in Eyre Peninsula then you can pick from an awesome range of Eyre Peninsula Accommodation reaching from backpacker hostels, camping grounds, caravan parks and hotels, as well as a number or brilliant eateries.

3 h 39 min (344.7 km) via National Highway A1

3 h 39 min (344.7 km) via National Highway A1

Anna Heaton