Best Beaches in the Eyre Peninsula

Lipson Cove


If you would like a day spent in pure tranquillity, then Lipson Cove is the perfect location for you. An ideal spot for a walk, swim and to explore;  you are likely to have this gem all to yourself (apart from the dolphins often seen playing offshore). It has been a well-kept secret and as a result, the beautiful beach is untouched and perfectly maintained. A lovely spot to spend a day sunbathing, soaking in the view and getting some well-deserved R&R.


Port Kenny to Lipson Cove

Lipson Cove is a serene sandy bay found in South Australia on the east coast of Eyre Peninsula.  The cove is known for its camping, fishing, coastal and marine habitats and is a perfect stop for a dip in the safe swimming beach. Visitors often go to see the site of the ship wreck ‘Three Sisters’ that went missing in 1899, the ruins of the wooden boat can be seen distending from the sand. During low tide, Lipson Island can be accessed - just 150 metres out from the Lipson Cove beach the island is a Conservation Park and home to many sea birds, including colonies of black-faced cormorant, crested tern and little penguins.

2 h 42 min (240.3 km) via Flinders Hwy/B100 and Bratten Way

2 h 42 min (240.3 km) via Flinders Hwy/B100 and Bratten Way

Once you have set up camp in our Eyre Peninsula Accommodation, explore out into South Australia and discover the best beaches in the Eyre Peninsula - Lipson Cove would be the perfect place to start.

Anna Heaton