Best Attractions in the Eyre Peninsula

Experience Point Labatt

If you are a lover of marine life and sea mammals, then Point Labatt must be at the top of your South Australia checklist. You can spend hours watching the playful sea-lions and will find it hard to ever leave. This area is a very popular stop off for visitors of the Eyre Peninsula, and for good reason, it is a beautiful location, with meandering trails and viewpoints.


Port Kenny to Point Labatt

Point Labatt on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in the Australian state of South Australia is home to the Australian sea-lion, found in no other country in the world, they are one of Australia's most scarce marine mammal and rarest seals. The area of Point Labatt is the singular point on the mainland where Australian seal pups can be seen beginning to swim, interact and sunbathe on the beach. It is also one of the only areas where these animals are well protected from their predators, meaning that they have a brilliant chance of survival here, the colony stays in this location, to live, mate and bring up the young. Ensure you pack your binoculars for the trip to Point Labatt for a perfect view.

49 min (55.6 km) via Flinders Hwy/B100 and Calca Rd

49 min (55.6 km) via Flinders Hwy/B100 and Calca Rd

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Anna Heaton