Welcome to our backyard

We love “our backyard” here on South Australia’s wild and wonderful Eyre Peninsula. Sharing our piece of paradise with travellers from all over the world is our absolute passion!

After running a small (but great) country pub, and operating the very first courtesy bus in South Australia for any hotel, we caught the hospitality bug and the rest is history! 

We purchased Coodlie Park in January 1999, and turned a rundown old homestead into our home. Then we developed the rest of the property to have some awesome and unique accommodation options for travellers.


Our passion and commitment for sustainability and the environment is demonstrated through our Advanced Eco-Accreditation

We are the only Australian company who is 100% carbon neutral, offsetting our carbon footprint internally on our property. We welcome those who share our philosophy of responsible travel and offer Coodlie Park as a place where they can come and offset their own travel footprint. 

An important part of what happens at Coodlie Park also involves the local community and community groups. If a function is planned on the property – whether a community social club windup, a wedding, birthday or anniversary – the local organisations are invited to be involved in catering for the event.

Jo & Hassie close up
Hassie & Jo stars

Over the last 7 years Coodlie Park has been a partner with the “Wild Eyre Program” a State and Federal Government initiative and managed by the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Board to provide employment and skill outcomes for indigenous youth from within the Eyre Peninsula.

The skills vary from collecting seeds, propagating plants, weed eradication, through to team building, personal development and leadership. We are proud of our association with the Wild Eyre program and to have been a partner, a base for the program to be nurtured and developed to provide growth and employment outcomes for indigenous youth from the Eyre Peninsula.


We have spent the last 22 years marketing our beautiful and undiscovered destinations, encouraging travellers to get off the beaten track and check out the raw beauty that is the Eyre Peninsula.   

Once people stay with us they become our best ambassadors, sharing their stories and spreading the word which has allowed us to grow and diversify. We also operate our parent brand Australian Wildlife Adventures which is a tour company offering camping and accommodated adventures from Adelaide and Perth.


So we look forward to meeting you when you decide to visit South Australia’s amazing Eyre Peninsula and the place we are lucky enough to call our backyard!